Why Use Hawk-Seal-E?

Low Traffic NEW 350 342


HSE fills surface voids, seals off surface cracks, strengthens the surface binder and is highly UV resistant.

With HSE, Public Works departments now have the ability to enhance their street network with major rehabilitation and reconstruction projects while maintaining the overall surface condition of their streets. 

The key to extending the life of asphalt surfaces is to reduce damage caused by water and oxidation.  Asphalt is no more impervious to the effects of time, weathering and tough service than any other construction material.

A hot-mix asphalt surface is by definition, a “flexible pavement system” created by combining selected aggregate with an asphalt binder.  The binder comprises only 4-7% of the mix but it is what holds it all together.  Successfully preserve the surface binder and you can dramatically extend the surface life.  

HSE successfully preserves and protects the binder from problems caused by water and oxidation.

As the sun dries out and oxidizes a surface, the asphalt binder breaks down and the solvents vaporize. This constant process causes the asphalt to shrink and lose flexibility. The shrinkage results in cracks.

Many times the cracks first show up in the low traffic areas.  Water enters the base and sub-grade and they become weaker.  Unless this process is slowed, base failure and failure of the asphalt surface will result.  In many cases, surface damage in low traffic areas is caused because the asphalt dries out and blows away, not because it wears out.