Asphalt Maintenance with SOS

Selective Overlay and Seal          Selective Overlay and Seal™


If your budget is not allowing you to install, maintain and
repair your streets, what are you going to be driving on in the future?

The S.O.S. (Selective Overlay and Seal™) program allows you to:

  • defer the costs of asphalt overlays, and
  • reduce annual street maintenance costs.

The short- and long-term savings add up dramatically as
more roads are sealed and protected in succeeding years.


Keep water out of your pavement and the need for overlays and pothole repairs is drastically reduced.

With the S.O.S. program, you overlay only those sections of a street that are too distressed to save.  Then, at a fraction of the overlay cost, you waterproof, preserve and protect the sections worth saving.

This program is successful for one reason — Hawk-Seal-E (HSE). Until the early 1990’s, when HSE was introduced, there were simply no products on the market with HSE’s unique ability to effectively penetrate, waterproof, preserve and protect asphalt surfaces. Today, there is still only one product, HSE.

After a minimum of three, penetrating applications are made, surface integrity is maintained, a waterproof barrier is created and volatiles are sealed in.

With HSE in your arsenal of maintenance products, your crews have more time and money available to focus on other problems.