HSE: Environmentally Safe

HSE is Environmentally Safe and Worker Friendly

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This walking trail along the Missouri River in Montana
has been sealed with HSE.


The same safety warnings applicable to water-based paint are applicable to HSE.

HSE is a water-based system and has no pH problems.

Once the product is applied to the pavement, the product dries to become inert.

There are no adverse environmental impacts from this resin system to either ground water or air.

Some people may be sensitive to the fumes in the concentrate form.  These fumes are non-toxic.  Exposure to fumes can happen if the drum is hotter than 110 degrees F and the worker opens the drum in a closed building with his nose just above the bung hole.  Simply move to fresh air.

The resin concentrate is sticky and precautions should be taken against splashing the product in your eyes.  If splashed into the eye, flush with water.

HSE can, and most likely will, contact skin during application.  Before HSE dries it is easily washed off with water.  If HSE dries on the skin it is easily removed with an orange peel cleaner or a product like Simple Green®.  Gasoline, kerosene, or a solvent with a high solvency rating will also work.